Welcome reader! Why am I starting this Blog?

1. The old days before social media

From the first days of the Internet, I was very much interested in getting in touch with People from all over the planet. This was before the time of social media. There was no Facebook no Twitter whatsoever. It was at that time in chat forms like ICQ, where people got in touch. This makes me sound as if I was very old for some young readers. 

2. A little bit more about me

I am Tasnim. A female in case you could not tell from the name 😎. I grow up in a very small town in south Tunisia. Therefore, the Internet was my only escape place. When social media platforms came into existence, I was that passive Reader. Well I wrote here and there some comments. When it came to getting active however, I was too afraid from sharing myself to the world.  I was actually embarrassed What if someone I know found me? What if they saw my true ideas about some topics? I remember even starting a YouTube channel and ending up deleting it. I did not have inner peace and strong Self-esteem back then.

3. Why Blogging?

I always expressed my feelings with writing them down. It was somewhat therapeutic for me! That is why I chose this kind of online presence. Today, I came to find peace with MYSELF. Therefore, I decided finally to acknowledge my love for social media. Moreover, becoming a blogger is the best starting Point.

4. What the blog going to be About?

Like many women, I always did feel insecure, anxious and doubtful about myself. Every person has its own way and its own personality. My dream is to build up a community of strong women (And men? Yes! Why not), who are going to take charge and control of their lives, not only in reaching to best version of themselves but as well in self-love and inner peace. Therefore, I hope you join me in this journey. BECAUSE TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!

To make peace with me, it meant to sacrifice. I did a lot of homework and I am still working on it. To get happy meant as well to make hard decisions. It may mean for someone, leaving someone or something they love. For my own happiness, I needed to get sad for a while.  

I will treat this Blog as my diary, so I will be writing openly about how I struggle or how I won a struggle. I will be very glad if you want to come with me in this amazing journey.

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Talk to you soon

Big kisses from your Tasnim

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