Getting Fit: My Journey

I am planning to start a new Journey. I want to lose some weight. But I hate being hungry, training for hours, or even having any kind of plan. I cannot stand restrictions anymore. Nevertheless, I would like to lose some weight, without having to follow any diet, any rules, or any training plans. I want to be healthy and to love myself.

How am I planning to lose weight without any plan?

Planning to have no plan. Sounds contradictory, Yes and No! The idea is trying to live as if I am that Person I want to be. I do not like to wait until I become that Person. FAKE IT UNTILL YOU MAKE IT. There is something to that saying. It has even some scientific accuracy. If you pretend to be someone long enough, your brain will build synapse, which are connections for that particular thoughts/feeling  etc…in your brain. So instead of building false synapses of being unhappy and unfit. We are Building the correct ones. Moreover, if it works out and you can lose weight, you will never gain it back again. Because you already learned how to live as the Person you want to be.

How do this look like in practice?

Well, this is different for every Person. Think you are already perfect. How much sport would you want to do ? How much do you want to eat? How do want to dress, to smell, to talk? It has something from the film I feel Pretty with amy schumer! Look at yourself like a Victoria Secret Model. Behave as if you are that angel. LIVE the perfect version of yourself.

First challenge: Let your body decides!

For me this will look like this: I will try to listen to Body and give it exactly what it wants. Is it a smoothie? Maybe a cocktail, small sandwich or a big pizza. I will listen to how I feel. Maybe a detox day, having a nice run, muscle training, chilling, reading a book, or even fasting. My body will decide what it needs. NO EXTERNAL RULES ANYMORE!

The challenge of the week is to love yourself NOW! Look at the Mirror and love it NOW not when you lose the weight! Buy yourself nice stuff and treat your Body with respect because it is Beautiful. You are already a princess!






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