the 5:2 Diet

Hi friends of the Internet,

Long time ago, I read about a very interesting lifestyle. It is called the 5:2 intermitting fasting. I am a big advocate of fasting. I think it has very great aspects. So because I am someone who is not interested in any kind of starvation or restrictions. I found the idea of considering this life style not that bad. But somehow I did not think about trying it out before. Today, my boyfriend told me that he would like to start this kind of lifestyle with a work colleague and asked me if I would like to do it with them. I answered with yes ofcourse! I found it as an opportunity to do something ina group. As I said, I see this as another possible way of a healthy lifestyle.

I do not see any contradictory between loving my curves and wanting to lose some weight. Therefore, I will be starting next week. Every Monday and Thursday, I will be eating small amount of calories. But with veggie-trick the amount won’t look to bad. I decided that 500-600 kcal at the fasting days. And the rest of the week just normally eating… I am excited to see if this works out for me. I will be writing here about the fasting and if I am noticing any positive or negative effects on my health. 

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