I want to be a skinny bitch

Hello world.

I want to be a skinny bitch. This what I am thinking would make me extremely happy. I tried to except the fact, that I am overweight…but my beauty ideal is that skinny body (like the one showed in the picture,  foto is from @SkinnyGirlBible) I don’t think that everyone should be skinny. I even  think that a lot of curvy women are extremely sexy. But I don’t see it in me. I don’t see my curves as sexy. I think they make me somehow less beautiful. I feel I cannot wear anything I want because my body does not have that sexy look. But as I said, some people look really sexy with some extra weight. They are genetically blessed. I just happened to be  someone, who does not have that and would objectively look better with less weight.


Well, I don’t want however, to feel bad because now I am overweight. I like myself now…And I will like myself when I get skinny. But honestly, I will maybe like myself more than now  if I get that body I’m dreaming of. I hope you understand my emotional struggle. For me is very important to say that I like all sizes. It just happened that for me I do wish a smaller one. Of course in the healthy range.

As I told you in my previous blog, I’m doing the 5:2 diet, or also called eat stop eat. Which i s one kind of intermittent fasting. Today was my first “fasting day”. I feel great. I ate about 600-700 kcal. I feel really amazing. I ate a lot of tofu and spinach salad… So I did not feel full but not very hungry. This experience made me realize that I can take control of my eating quantity. Tomorrow, I’m invited to a birthday party. So I would be eating. Well tomorrow is somehow a normal eating day. I would like however, to eat less than usual in my “eating days”.

I am happy that I started the eat stop eat. It feels really doable. I will be happy if this works out for me. I will be giving updates about my weightloss in the next blogs.

See you soon


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