My 10 days protein shake diet Blog 1

I decided to lose weight. I decided to lose weight many times so I don’t know if this time is the time. But one thing I know, is that, I don’t want to wait anymore. I don’t care if I can fail. I need to see change. I need to get some motivation. I don’t see anyway other than. This the way I chose. I am going to fast. It is not the normal way of fasting, where you just drink water or juice. I am going to fast with meal replacement Shakes, that contain proteins, vitamins and, everything you need. So it’s kind of healthy. You don’t have to think if you got all your vitamins or what you’re going to eat or to meal prep . Everything is ready for you in one packet. So I find this a good way to start, to find motivation and to believe that is possible again to lose weight. I stopped losing weight and I tried everything I know. When you read this you think will, she didn’t really try everything, if you did, she would lose weigh. But she didn’t, that’s why she’s still not losing weight. So I don’t think that’s really bad it doesn’t matter what you think or what I think it just does matter that I can’t lose weight and I feel bad about it. we only live one time so I’m ready to do things that maybe not so popular or maybe not so healthy but but what the heck! why do I have to be perfect? no I don’t! I just want to be happy, to look at myself in the mirror, to buy clothes where I look cute in Thema. yes I want to be the princess That I Used to Be.  Yeah I’m happy that I have decided to start this first.

ok I will let you know every week about how I feel how much I lost and I will show you some progress pictures. Make sure to follow my blog and to let me comment if you feel like it see you soon.

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